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Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

Sales: (845) 691-4624

Internet Data Exchange ("IDX"), sometimes referred to as "Broker Reciprocity", is the next stage in the evolution of MLS as the primary means of enhancing cooperation between REALTORS to facilitate the purchase and sale of real property. IDX gives MLS Participants the tool they need to display each others' listings on their Internet web sites. Under IDX brokers exchange consent to display each others listings on the Internet.

So, what does this have to do with me?

At the May 22, 2000, NAR Board of Directors Meeting in Washington D.C., a statement regarding Multiple Listing Policy was issued stating that:

�Associations and their Multiple Listing Services are encouraged to immediately, and must, by January 1, 2002, enable MLS Participants to display on Participants� public web sites, aggregated MLS active listing information through, at Participant�s option, either downloading and placing the data on Participants� public web sites or by framing such information on the MLS or association public access web site (if such site is available) subject to the requirements of state law and regulation.�

click here to read policy

How can EZRealEstate Technology help me with this?

There are two ways in which we provide IDX to your independent web site:

IDX Plus

1. IDX Plus - (available only to EZRealEstate Subscribers) IDX Plus is a plug in for the EZRealEstate Solution that not only displays the IDX listings, but gives you enhanced search options and the ability to import your listings from the IDX database to your personal EZRealEstate database. This means you will not have to enter listing twice! Simply added it to the MLS system, connect with IDX plus, import YOUR listings, then give them your personal touch by modifying them individually.

IDX Plus

2. IDX Lite - (an addition to your existing site) IDX Lite is a co-branded* service that displays IDX listings using the design and graphics from your existing site. The search capabilities include open text search only.

* co-branded implies the branding of two or more companies cooperatively. In this case a small Powered by EZRealEstate Technology logo will appear inconspicuously on the IDX Lite solution.