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Despite the dot-com debacle, an estimated 70 percent of all home buyers start their search on Internet. The Web is fast becoming the single most important channel for real estate leads.

Where are you in this channel?

Are you ready for the next generation of real estate Web innovation that will take 30 million leads and turn them into 3 million transactions?

The Revolution

The general consensus is that the Real Estate Internet Revolution is not only real but that it is approaching at a tremendous rate. Using advanced technology, the EZRealEstate Solution easily positions real estate professionals to compete on a new level. With the power of EZRealEstate, you can now enjoy the same speed and efficiency other top producing real estate professionals use to stay at the forefront of the revolution. Whether you are affiliated or not, having your own real estate web site strengthens you or your individual identity as a professional agency and can put you on the cutting edge of personal marketing and promotion.

Ease of Use

We understand that the professional real estate broker and agent doesn't have time to learn web design, programming, html, file transfer and all the other skills necessary for managing a web site. That is why the EZRealEstate Solution is as easy as using a browser. If you are reading this now, you are ready to use the EZRealEstate Solution! We have a large majority of development time on usability of the back-office real estate management system.

Speed of Sale

If you acquired a new property right now, how long would it take before it's added to your web site? Well, as you know, time is money, especially in the real estate industry, so if you have to wait more than 5 minutes to get a new property on your site, you can definitely benefit from our system.

Choosing Technology

The solution developers at EZRealEstateSolutions.com have been building web sites for realtors for over 5 years (that's really 20 in dot com years) and have deployed many real estate web sites. Today we continue to serve these companies by improving our technology and growing as they grow. We continue to upgrade our products compensate for change in the mls real estate system as well as other industry contributors.