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Real Estate Website Analysis

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Real Estate Web Site Analysis

Rating Your Site's Usability and Ease of Property Search

How idiot-proof is your real estate website? Does the average customer run into problems looking for properties? Are your listings presented as effectively as they could be? What's your traffic to contact ratio?

EZRealEstateSolutions.com's Analysis Team is ready to provide you with a complete analysis of your listing section and supporting website.

How It Works

The EZRealEstateSolutions.com's Analysis Team surfs your site as first time customers, noting the usability and searchability of the website. We look for instructions, listing placement, customer information and the ease of navigation. We place test listing information requests, and visit supporting pages.

Once complete, we provide you with a complete report, which includes:

  • Notes on your site's functional design
  • Information on where beginning users may be stumped while searching
  • Recommendations on increasing the websites usability by a beginning user
  • Recommendations on add-on features and/or design tweaking



Web Address:



Primary Concerns:
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Functional Design
Ease of Use
Listing Display
Website Traffic
Website Response
Information Delivery
Customer Features

Other Concerns: